Totem Talk

by weisgirl on 10.24.2009

41 Responses

Let’s chat about our totems, I find them fascinating! I am a tigress; what are you?

41 responses

  1. luna

    hey i lu and my animal toem is the raven

    • weisgirl

      what is your department store? mine is H&W.

      • solrosa

        I’m a tigress, too!

        • Talzhemir

          My totem was found by an elder.  He’d probably think this site’s quiz is, at best, misleading, and, at worst, an insult to his living active religion.

          The ceremony to find my totem involved <removed by Cornelia’s Minions>  Fasting, painful cramps and vomiting, migraines, panic attacks, and bizarre hallucinations are part of the process.

          My “uncle” did the ceremony a few times for people who asked him but stopped because they were unsatisfied with his visions.  Who wants to be told they have have a deep connection to “Muskrat” when they were hoping for “Bear”, “Wolf”, and “Eagle”?

          To a traditionalist, spraypainting someone’s totem on a locker would be highly inappropriate.  Just as practitioners of Voudoun, and some Pagans and Wiccans believe that object links (like a lock of hair or fingerail clippings) can be used to direct evil forces, totemists generally believe that knowledge of somebody’s spirit animal can be used against them.

          Do I actually believe my “uncle” found a mystical connection to a spirit for me?  Well, no, probably not…  Since then, several others have told me what my totem is, and no two agree.  I apparently have a whole zoo of spirits out there (or maybe inside me), waiting to help.

          It’s led me to think that this world has turned upside down.  WE are the spirit protectors now, and it’s the animals who need help.

          When you see a wolf, does it somehow speak to your deepest instincts?  Perhaps somewhere in Wyoming, where the gray wolves have been taken off the Endangered list, a she-wolf will observe the slaughter of her mate and near-grown cubs.  She will, out of grief, stop eating.  In her pain and delirium, will you be able to hear her anguished howls?

          Is there something of the tiger inside you?  There are less than 7000 tigers left in the wild.  (I bet there are easily three times as many tattoos of tigers as there are real ones.)  If there is a tiger spirit, it is presumably very busy trying to keep the last wild tigers alive.

          Is the raven your mystic guide?  The Common Raven is not-so-common.  It is not on the endangered species lists mainly because it is already extinct throughout most of the eastern half of the U.S.  The last are hiding out in the Appalachians of southern Kentucky.  The spirit of a bird with the gift of speech has not been able to express its plight.

          Does the spirit of horse move you?  It might disturb you to learn horses are still mistreated and slaughtered in America.  Banned in all states but Texas, it has led to truckloads of horses being carted to Mexico and Canada, arriving in very poor condition.  If you have an affinity for equines, perhaps you will be the one to oppose overbreeding of sport and pleasure horses that leads to horses being viewed as expendable, and, meat at age 10.  (Many horses are still ridden in endurance competitions at 20-24.)

          Do you dream of dolphins?  When the dolphins in Taiji are slaughtered, did anyone hear their screams?  Dolphins can’t blog, can’t sign petitions, can’t tell others about the YouTube video.  About 20 days ago, 70 dolphins were set free instead of ending up frozen blubber steaks.  Will you tell the people of Taiji they did the right thing, and should continue?

          Maybe there are spirit connections, but I think we have to be their protector totems, their fierce advocates and loyal guardians.  After all, what fun is it to say, “My totem is the __________!” if they’re all dead.

          • LoganMcDonald

            Well it sucks following the last one up. Pretty negative don’t you think? No offense to you Talzhemir. I’m a dolphin though :)

            • weisgirl

              For some reason, I was said a tigress, but turned dolphin! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

              • weisgirl


                • Ashlee411

                  Hey Logan and weisgirl, I’m a dolphin too and I LOVE to dance!

                  xo ashlee

                  • TrigistheDevilsInstrument

                    RAVEN! Any other ravens out there?

                    • CheekyMonkey

                      Sorry Trig, but add another tigress to the list.


                      • solrosa

                        Yay tigresses!! Any cats out there?!

                        • audrey_horne

                          Right here. Tigresses unite. Rrwwwwaarrrr.

                          • weisgirl

                            It seems as though there are maily tigress(s) and dolphin(s) come on horses, deers, and ravens! where are you????

                            • SmileyFace

                              It SAYS i“m a horse only I like, totally disagree. I’ma leader in the way that I’m not a follower, but being a “leader” seems bosyyyyyy

                              • weisgirl

                                I guess I cna understand, I am but am not in other words.

                                • Snowcrystal86

                                  Hey! I’m totally a leader – I always have to be in charge whenever we do group projects in school.

                                  But I get what you’re saying, SmileyFace, it does sound kind of like I’m bragging or being bossy. But really usually I just get stuck with doing all the extra coordination!

                                  I like the “You but grown up section” – I’ve definitely thought about being a politician or a lawyer. I worked on the Obama campaign, though, and I think I found my calling as a community organizer. I know that’s kind of cliche, but I loved doing grassroots organizing, and I think I could really make a difference from the ground up with causes I care about. That’s it for me!

                                  • Fashionista

                                    Hellooooo I’m a deer!

                                    I’m pretty bubbly and outgoing, I love making new friends so yah I guess that makes me a deer!

                                    The thing I always think of is like…you kno how in Wicked when Galinda sings Popular, all about how she can help Elphaba dress nicer and have manners and not be a freak anymore?

                                    I kinda relate to that! I love giving my friends fashion advice and I’d do anything to help them be cooler. Well only if they wanted to, of course.

                                    • Nickbro


                                      • Rachiebaby

                                        I’m a Raven, I love to read and write and (without being braggy, which I’m not) am rather intellectually smart.

                                        Bits and pieces of the quiz results which really stood out to me was the part about the Ravens in the Tower Of London… I’m British. :) It’s like the result was totally made for me. Also, did anyone else notice the reference to BBC America in the quiz too? Of course that was my answer, since I’m not really very popular, being an exchange student here at Endeavor and all, that’s all I really watch at night so I can catch up on Eastenders and such forth, instead of going out with my friends, since I have none. So obviously, because I really do watch that channel, choosing that as one of the quiz answers and then seeing the bit about the Tower Of London, well, my heart leapt a bit. I realised then I miss home.

                                        But then, after seeing Amanda, I want to stay a little longer. Because who knows, maybe some day I could find her. I think we’d get along.

                                        • Milana

                                          I’m a dolphin, but that ain’t true.  I’m only laid-back with people I trust, and I don’t trust easy.  $^)      (<%      >_<

                                          • Milana

                                            My friends call me smart, and the same call me bossy.  I’m always the first to say hi to the new people in class, so what am I?  A tigphindevan?  Hmmm…

                                            • cheydog7

                                              I’m a Deer I am pretty sure this is true i have been told that i am a great friend and i love to give my friends advice, and i have been told that i am a people person i meen like i get along with almost everyone, but i believe in that saying treat others the way you wanna be treated so thats the only time i don’t get along with someone is when they a mean to me in the first place but i give them a shot!

                                              • CookyC

                                                I am a dolphin! GO DOLPHINS!

                                                • mandigirl

                                                  tigress u know ur jealous!

                                                  • fefe4ever

                                                    Sorry Mandi, this Dolphin is PROUD

                                                    • lilheuty

                                                      this Dolphin is also PROUD

                                                      • Zoey

                                                        Go DEER! {:
                                                        -*Zo-Zo* (Zoey) <3

                                                        • mandigirl

                                                          haha u know u wish u were a tigress!

                                                          • fizzy79

                                                            Hey! Calling all dolphins- ‘cause I want to join the club! D-O-L-P-H-I-N, WHAT DOES THAT SPELL? DOLPHIN! GO DOLPHINS! My friends tell me I’m: bubbly, silly, a speed reader, a good friend, optimistic, outgoing, weird (in a good way), funny, smart, happy, a bookworm & creative.

                                                            Peace out!


                                                            • rainbow101

                                                              hey yall i dont peally understand what this is but what i do knw is that im a dolphin and im proud. i dont know were to find amanda….is this real. im so confused. someone clue me in here. hmmmm i dont understand what im doing! HELP!

                                                              • fluteplyr

                                                                I’m a raven.  I definitely think it’s true.  I’m the kind of person who’s always thinking and analyzing.  I love learning new things and read all the time.  For the description of a raven, it says we’re the kind out people who would find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and in fact I’ve done that!  It takes 749. :]

                                                                • Anonymous94

                                                                  Hey rainbow—I know, I’m still figuring out the site – but once you start getting into it, it’s really fun. You can go here: and that explains a lot, I think. Hope to see you around the site!

                                                                  • missmelaysia

                                                                    Wouldn’t normally see myself as a deer. But now seeing my inner deer qualities! Time to let your inner Bambi out!!! : ) lols

                                                                    • shadowcat

                                                                      i’m a tigress to. i always knew i’ve had some cat like attitude a stuff. soooooooooooo cool. and i love tigers. time to get wild and claw at my innoying brother. roar! (not just lions roar tigers roar too)  :0

                                                                      • SuperChk

                                                                        Rainbow! Go to the homepage and take the quiz to find out what totem animal you are! That’s what we are all chatting about

                                                                        • Cammy1021

                                                                          i am a crazy dolphin u no how we do …………………… lol
                                                                          GO DOLpHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                          • Jacqattack

                                                                            I am a dolphin tooo!!!!!!! :]]]]]]]] <3 Go dolpghins!!! They are sooo ninja!

                                                                            • TiGur-Gal

                                                                              Tigeress! Dosn’t my name say it all?

                                                                              • Cammy1021

                                                                                @TiGur-Gal Meow????? lolz

                                                                                • jessicahuey

                                                                                  dolphin-fun loving

                                                                                  • WhoIAm_Tigote

                                                                                    IMMA KIND TIGRESS/COYOTE">TOGOTE AND PROUD> YOU KNOW YOUR JEALOUS.

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